Monitor Your Company

Get notified when customers leave feedback about your company and be able to respond back.

Because your online reputation is so important to your business, it’s imperative you keep tabs on what customers are saying. In some cases, that might mean checking out your reviews on Yelp or Google Business each week. However, we use automated tools for reputation management.

We can help you to update NAPS (Name, Address, Phone) as needed and see when a customer has posted a new review about your business. These services are simple and effective.

It’s important that you not leave your online reputation to chance. It’s the one part of your marketing plan that can multiply the impact of everything you do or kill sales opportunities before they ever develop. You don’t want to simply hope for good reviews, or be surprised by bad ones.

A handful of particularly sharp reviews – particularly ones that are unaccompanied by responses from a business owner or manager – can paint a really negative picture.

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