Improve Star Ratings

Increase the number of “good” reviews you receive for your business on Google, Yelp, Facebook and even Angie’s List.

When customers are looking for certain type of product or service, they’ll tend to find the businesses that have the most reviews. After all, those listings are popular points of discussion with lots of searchable content on Yelp and Google Business. The more reviews you have, the more visible you become to buyers.

Over time, the reviews themselves tend to be self-reinforcing. When customers are saying great things about you, more people are encouraged to give you a shot. Also, buyers come to you with the notion that they are going to be pleased with what you have to offer because everyone else was, too. Before long, your sales are growing and growing.

But getting feedback when customers had a “trying” time is important too.  You will get that privately.  We ask your “fans” and good customers to write reviews on sites they are comfortable using.

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