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Online reviews for the Central IL area My name is Tammy Finch, and I’m the owner and President of Web Services, Inc in Illinois. I’ve been working in the web design and Internet Marketing industry for more than two decades, specializing in the development of cost-effective campaigns for small business. In other words, I’m the kind of person you call when you need a great website and way to find lots of new customers, preferably local customers.

I literally wrote the book on Online Reputation Management and have helped many people increase their online visibility. I’ve presented at national conferences on the topic and have been trying to spread the word about how important your online reputation is. With social media, your online reputation grows and spreads faster than ever, and can have an enormous impact on your bottom line.

Online ratings are one of the most important tools that customers use to shop. Make sure your company shows more ratings than your competitors.

I can help!

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